ETA - Your partner for Sustainability, Environmental Management and CSR

ETA is one of the leading consulting companies in the field of sustainable development and environmental management, based in Vienna, Austria.

Since our start in 1994 we are focusing on corporate environmental management systems and cleaner production and services.

In 1995 we became the first officially accredited environmental verifier for EMAS in Austria.

Today we are developing concepts and strategies in the field of sustainable development and corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Our committed team combines comprehensive expert knowledge with methodolocial know how in systemic consulting and training.

Our customers are equally diverse as our projects: from all economic sectors, from small-size companies to international enterprises, from private sector to public organisations.

Since 1996 we have special focus on health care institutions; with numerous national and international projects and part of the international network "Health Care Without Harm".

Since 2000 we are running the consultancy CETA in San Josť, Costa Rica.

We are offering services in the following areas:

  • Consulting in CSR, sustainable development, environmental management systems, healthcare, strategy and organisational development.
  • Certification and verification of your management system according to EMAS and ISO 14001;
     independent verification of your CSR / Sustainability report.
  • Training in public and company-specific seminars, training programmes and e-learning courses.
  • EcoControl software to control your management system.


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